Flowplayer and h.264

Not satisfied with youtube and others like that? There is a good alternative if your server bandwidth allows for streaming videos – flowplayer. Here is what I do to prepare video for the web.

  1. Convert any video to h.264 using avidemux, which you can install easily on Ubuntu. I chose the following settings for the converted video (the ideas are taken from here):

    • Video format: MPEG-4 AVC (x264)

    • Video configure: two pass – average bitrate, 200kbps (this can vary, of course, depending on your video)

    • Video filters: resize to 400×300 (choose yours)

    • Audio format: AAC (FAAC)

    • Audio configure: bitrate 96kbps (can be lower or higher too)

    • Output format: MP4

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How to log into Facebook with OpenID

Just googling for “facebook openid” yields lots of results, all praising Facebook for adopting OpenID technology. Yeah, this is cool, but how can I really use it??? Facebook’s help system doesn’t have anything on this subject either.

Finally, I have found this post which explained what I needed to do. Basically, when you are logged into FB, just go to the following URL:


and add your OpenID under Linked Accounts. Just like the author of the post pointed out, the only benefit is that it allows you to automatically log into Facebook as long as you are already logged into your OpenID provider.

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