Flowplayer and h.264

Not satisfied with youtube and others like that? There is a good alternative if your server bandwidth allows for streaming videos – flowplayer. Here is what I do to prepare video for the web.

  1. Convert any video to h.264 using avidemux, which you can install easily on Ubuntu. I chose the following settings for the converted video (the ideas are taken from here):

    • Video format: MPEG-4 AVC (x264)

    • Video configure: two pass – average bitrate, 200kbps (this can vary, of course, depending on your video)

    • Video filters: resize to 400×300 (choose yours)

    • Audio format: AAC (FAAC)

    • Audio configure: bitrate 96kbps (can be lower or higher too)

    • Output format: MP4

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